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Hearts Resounding!

BCOC celebrates the power of music to evoke our brightest joys and deepest longings. Familiar music of Bach and Handel, Telemann’s spirited Viola Concerto with soloist Emily Anne Bowman, plus a new Chaconne for solo violin composed and performed by Martin Davids. Here is the link to the concert.

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Bravi Tutti ~ Vivaldi & Handel

Streaming of this virtual concert begins Friday evening May 21 through May 31.

Our full orchestra comes together for an exuberant program of gems by two contrasting innovators of Baroque music -- Vivaldi and Handel. Watch for program details and ticket sales soon!

Discover Baroque Seminars via Zoom
Learn more about what makes baroque baroque in these monthly, one-hour sessions, including lecture, musical demonstration and Q&A. Hosted by Artistic Director Frank Nowell and guest hosts. No charge — Donations appreciated. Register here for updates on the schedule and monthly topics, and to receive the links.

Wednesday, March 24
Two sessions: noon and 7:30 pm.  Guest presenters: Linda Lunbeck & Elena Mullins
WHY BAROQUE DANCE MATTERS - Minuet, bourree, sarabande, gigue: every lover of Baroque music recognizes these names. But what of the actual dances that inspired the music? Join Elena Mullins and Linda Lunbeck to explore the fascinating realm of Baroque dance and its historical, artistic and social context. How does the quality of movement - nobility and grace were paramount - inform our understanding of the music? What can the distinct character of different dance types tell us about tempo, affect, and other aspects of musical performance? Video & audio examples included, as well as an opportunity to try some basic steps in the privacy of your own space. Questions are welcome.

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“The BCOC, in particular, is the best chamber orchestra I've EVER heard and its concerts are so incredibly intimate - always a breath taking experience. I can't thank BCOC enough for its lovely music.”

Katherine Murphy

“The Baroque Chamber Orchestra of Colorado... has built a national reputation as a first-rate period-instrument ensemble.”

Early Music America

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All races and ethnicities
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Our ensemble aims to bring the spirit of this wonderful music alive in today’s world, capturing its vivid and evocative colors, enlivened with the spirit of improvisation and dance. Baroque composers knew the power of music to move listeners to experience a spectrum of emotions, and the equal role of the performer in this endeavor. As an ensemble we take our cue from Geminiani, who urged musicians to be first inspired themselves, and “while the imagination is warm and glowing [to pour] the same exalted spirit into [our] own performance.”

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